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Towers  and  wooden  roof                Alexander Ócsai    
Our company's profile is church tower construction and renovation. Managing Director: Alexander Ócsai
Some information about churches and church towers:
A church has a triple symbolism. It's cross or star on the top of the tower pointing to the sky symbolizes the way to God and reminds us that Christ is the only way to heaven. On the other hand, it is the symbol of the God-man relationship. Because the church is the place where God speaks to us, and we can address our prayers and hymns to Him as well. Thirdly, it's a symbol of a religious community, a cohesive power of faith.
Explanation for church towers terms:
  • Apse: the semicircular end of the sanctuary and the nave
  • Basilica: name for major Catholic churches
  • Dean: senior pastor of archdiocese
  • Turret: four or octagonal little tower on gothic (neogothic) buildings
  • Bell House: the part of the tower, where the bells are suspended
  • Belfry: a small structure in which the bell is suspended
  • Spirelet: the small tower on the buildings' roof
  • Lanterna: the small, round, tower-like structure on the top of the domes.
  • Spire: the endings of the towers - usually peaked
  • Shingles: oblong panels used for roofing
Source: Francis Bajkó Certain architectural styles have been created specifically for religious buildings in different ages. The temple architectural structures like the military or royal structures became the main survivors of certain architectural styles through learned examples. For example, the Greek and Roman temple architecture had a serious influence on the entire western architecture. However, the privately founded so-called voluntary churches architecture could vary from the canonical principles.
Our activities have two major parts, but it's mostly difficult to separate one from another:
  New Structures     Renovation
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