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Towers  and  wooden  roof                Alexander Ócsai    
Activity » New Structures

Building and renovation of Tower Hat
Structures made many decades ago often require a renewal. The new tower is made of loaf pine fir, which is highly durable and resistant.
A refurbishment by truncation is a cheaper way of renewal which will extend the work of the old craftsmen   Photos

Creating a new plating, painting
Fortunately, the number of old churches with new light cap structure is increasing. The cap is made of a nice copper plate.
The non copper plate platting do have to be repainted not just because of aesthetical but also conservational reasons. The materials we use are durable, aesthetic and high quality.

Making finials, cast
I take care of a total renovation of old finials and the production/restoration of new finials as well. The new finials can be made on the basis of the same old or new designs. A golden finial is available on demand, made by Károly Herendi the master gilder, so the church's crown will be much brighter.

Flip bells
Bells clapper hitting the same place can cause damage. The bell becomes weak and it can even crack after a long usage. Thanks to the inverting of the bell the clapper hits the bell elsewhere, so it will not damage the structure.

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