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Towers  and  wooden  roof                Alexander Ócsai    
Activity » Renovation

Constructing towers and wooden roof structure, renovation or truncation
Like Tower-hats the roof also needs to be replaced over time. We are working with pine fir, which structure allows us to make it long-lasting and durable .If it is not possible to fully replace, trunctional refurbishment helps us to conservate the condition of the structure for a period of time.

Roof renovation
I take care of the total replacement of old roofing-slates and roofing structures as well. During construction, I always keep in mind that the new structure should match the original requirements as much as possible.

Complete renovation of facade scaffolding, or using alpine-technology
Reconstruction of the total area of facades which is dingy or dilapidated by using scaffolding technology.
In case of very old facades often only small damaged parts require renovation. In these cases, without setting up the scaffolding, we use the rope technique to carry out the work. This solution is faster and cheaper, more efficient than scaffolding.

Interior painting and renovations
Often the churches need inner repairs, like painting or renovation; I also take care of those.

Storm Damage survey
If storm damages the structure, we try to solve these issues within one day(on demand), if possible, a quick, temporary work that tries to reduce the extent of the damage as much as possible.

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