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Towers  and  wooden  roof                Alexander Ócsai    
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Interview with Alexander Ócsai - Jak Reka writing , newspaper Ráckeve, 2004.

The master of towers
We have written short reports about already read about, could be seen in the Reformed Church of renewable reports can templomtornyáról and flashed the photos in the shape of a man who hung a fiber rope for 2 months and was awarded under the hand of a new robe of the tower. The name was familiar, once or twice contacted the museum and archival photos collected from work when I did not know anything more about it, even though this implied a profession specific skills, human nature has blessed me. I invited him for a talk, and I was not disappointed because it really is a loving and practicing his profession since childhood I met Master, who is also the work of artists talking about obsession .
Jak Reka - Tell me how can anyone Hungary Church and tower builder today? Absolutely taught somewhere in this occupation?
Ócsai Alexander - who is the master of this phenomenon has taught me every inch of my father, was Alexander Ócsai. I learned everything from him, his name was inherited and somehow I really liked, and there were many brothers and sisters. When asked how many, he would reply , sixty- seven of them were sisters. Of course, that's a bit strange, but if you slow say, six and seven of them were there because they killed one of us. Békésből came from my father, but I have been born on the farm near Strait Nagykáta. My father's church towers, churches built, renovated, renewed, and when we drop comes, get yoursel , turn child, I always had something to help. A trade name: church building, renovating and maintenance . This practice is not taught anywhere... » » Full Article

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