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Towers  and  wooden  roof                Alexander Ócsai    
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Joseph Hasenfratz and family thank-you letter, which the Catholic Church tower sari on the occasion of completion of cap Ócsai Sandor wrote.

Dear Lord Ócsai!
Great fun and lots of Szar was for people to 2012th August 19, per finished the (Szar) St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church a new copper-clad spire, which, together with the new cross, blessing you and your colleagues merits as Ambrózy Father was the final place on this day. Interpreting recommend you to all my colleagues and my brother lives in Canada thanks to the great expertise in precision, high -quality work. Great gratified by all of us to wake Frank Hasenfratz gift for your masterful handiwork of a new spire testesülhetett, garnished with a 255 -year-old imperial church. His work has been commended on many sari, accept congratulations. Thanks and best regards to you and appreciation to all employees of the tower helm , the cross maker and master gilder in a careful and conscientious, with great expertise in their work. We are confident that the sari residents, representatives of the Board of Church members and adherents helpful contribution was happy , and was fittingly celebrate the day of the surrender, made ​​memorable for you and all the participants.
Further work good luck, strength, good health, wish you and all your family!
2012th August 20
Joseph Hasenfratz and family

The master of towers - Interview   Interview with Alexander Ócsai - Jak Reka writing , newspaper Ráckeve, 2004

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